Elven Art

Groupboard: The Groupboard includes chat, group drawing board, and games.

Art: Galleries of elven images, including fanart.

Oekaki: A message board that allows you to draw or upload your own pictures right from the page, and comment on other users drawings.

Flash Info

Characters: Background information about each of the characters.

First Comic Breakdown of the first comic.

Delegates How the delegates were chosen.

GirlsAlternate profiles for the Girls.

Text Info

Characters: Background information about each of the characters, less Flashy.

Why Elven About the Languages used and Translation.

Elven Appearance Elven racial characteristics (green elven have brown hair)

Magic Rarity Magic types by rarity: What magic can and can't do

Magic Sources Where magic comes from: in order of power

Magic Colors Why magic appears in different colors

Magic Creatures A sampling of descriptions of the various creatures in the elven world


Glider Avoid and zap everything, midair!

Bat Zap Bat hunting with B'khee and Tempest.


Which The'elven Character Are You? Answer various questions to see which explorer you are most like.

Poll: Share your judgements and see what most people say about various The'elven issues.

Q&A - Cabinton Press Send your questions to the snow elven newspaper and read the explorers' answers.